22 Fourth of July Crafts Made with Mod Podge

Do you love cute and EASY 4th of July crafts? Grab your Mod Podge and make one of these 20+ Fourth of July crafts for the upcoming holiday.

Do you love Fourth of July crafts?? Me too. Mod Podge is made in the USA, which means that it’s pretty patriotic all by itself. But since you can’t really put out a bottle of Mod Podge on display for the 4th and have it make sense to people,

I’ve pulled together a collection of 22 Fourth of July crafts that use decoupage as a part of the finished project. Most of these are very easy, which means that you can pull together a craft in just a few hours. And who doesn’t love that?

Scroll down to get inspired by these Fourth of July crafts!

20+ Mod Podge 4th of July Crafts

1. Recycled Jar Candleholder

You can use old book pages (or copies of book pages) to make these cute luminaries! So fun, even kids will love trying this project.

2. American Flag Canvas Tutorial

Make a 4th of July flag canvas using paint chips or fabric scraps – either way, you’re going to use Mod Podge! This would be awesome with the Sparkle formula.

3. Patriotic Platter

Use scrapbook paper and napkins to cover the back of a glass plate and make it perfect for a Fourth of July picnic or party! Use Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge if you’d like to be able to wash them.

4. Cake Plate from a Coffee Can

Don’t put a large coffee can into the recycling bin – reuse it! I love recycled 4th of July crafts like this one – with a little bit of paint, washi tape, and Mod Podge.

5. Patriotic Pool Noodle Firecrackers

Have you ever thought about using pool noodles for Fourth of July crafts? Grab some from the Dollar Tree and make this unique “firecracker” display!

6. Patriotic USA Wall Art

Use a vinyl sticker as a resist in this unique Fourth of July wall art! I love the wood grain pattern of the United States – this would look great with farmhouse decor.

7. Stars and Stripes Ball Filler

Grab some styrofoam balls, fabric strips, and Mod Podge! You can make this awesome ball filler in just a few minutes.

8. 4th of July Party Cups

I love surprises, and with Mod Podge and paper, you can add some to the bottoms of patriotic party glasses! It’s a great way to identify glasses as well.

9. Kids 4th of July Candy Dish

Use Sparkle Mod Podge and tissue paper to decorate a candy dish! This is perfect for older children, or for younger children to decorate with their parents.

10. 4th of July Clothespin Wreath

I’ve made many a clothespin wreath over the course of time and they are so fun to put together! Love that you can keep this one out all summer.

11. Easy American Flag DIY Lanterns

Hit the dollar store and grab some mini flags – then use some Mod Podge to attach them to recycled jars. It’s so easy and with make a big impact this Fourth of July!

12. Patriotic Doily Banner

Paper doilies aren’t just for hold dessert! You can also use them in various colors to create a 4th of July banner. This comes together in minutes.

13. Patriotic Paper Pinwheels

Use Mod Podge to glitter the edges of your scrapbook paper, then learn how to fold into a pinwheel! Makes a perfect fourth of July display, and you probably already have the supplies.

14. Red, White, Blue Plaque

If you have a Cricut, you can easily create this 4th of July craft. Pick your favorite scrapbook papers and patriotic themed sayings!

15. Dollar Store Chip Bowl for the 4th

Completely makeover a dollar store bowl with Mod Podge and book pages! Use it to serve your favorite treats at a 4th of July party.

16. Firecracker Candles

Decorating dollar store votive candles for Independence Day is really fun and easy to do! This is a good opportunity to use the red, white, and blue supplies you have on hand.

17. Polka Dot Paper Lantern

Trick out a plain paper lantern with cut tissue paper and Mod Podge! I think the Sparkle or Extreme Glitter formulas would be so fun with this project.

18. 4th of July Centerpiece

Debbie used tissue paper and Sparkle Mod Podge to decorate the top of this large glass – then use FolkArt Enamels paint to strips and dot the bottom. Makes a great Fourth of July centerpiece.

19. Candle Centerpiece

If you like candles on your table as a centerpiece, these Americana themed options by Angie are perfect for farmhouse or rustic decor.

20. Decoupage Patriotic Wreath

Use pieces of fabric in patriotic colors to make this 4th of July craft! It’s such a great addition to your home decor.

21. 4th of July Decorations: 10 Minute Votives

This is one of those 4th of July crafts you can make in ten minutes! Perfect for home decorating or an Independence Day party.

22. Sparkler Safety Caddy

Create a place to put your used sparklers so you never have to worry about catching fire or burning a surface! Great for kids’ safety.

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