Crochet Necklace – 27 Free Crochet Patterns

Wearing the matching jewelry is something that every style-loving women love to do to embellish her personality! Whether you are to join a night dinner, a party or you are attending a wedding ceremony, this always demand you to wear the jewelry that just adds extra charm to your dress up! In short, the jewelry is something that is dearly loved by all the fashion loving ladies and it is something that helps them to score bigger fashion points! Here we are going to explore crochet necklace patterns for you and your family.

Undoubtedly, the jewelry is expensive especially when you wish to buy the designer’s style jewelry! But going with DIY alternatives can cut short your expenditures, and the good news is that you can also craft designer’s crochet jewelry at home using your crafting skills and creativity! Moreover, you can also produce amazingly beautiful jewelry through the medium of crocheting! So, you can enjoy happing hooks also now to crochet precious jewelry at home, get your hook inspired by these 27 free crochet necklace patterns that will help to get your favorite necklace at home!

Are you a big fan of bright colors? If yes, then crochet the enticing neon necklaces using yarn in neon colors that will jazz up a women’s neck! Spice up your night party dress with a mesh crochet necklace that is super easy to crochet but is truly glamorous! If you light the beads and are the big fan of their crystal clearance and shine then crochet beaded necklaces that will be sure to create an artistic look on your neck! Crochet some longer yarn lengths in different colors and then braid them making a loop, another interesting necklace would be ready that may come with button accents for amazing visual appeal, check out a precious sample given below!

Create an adorable summer look of your personality with a precious boho touch that will come from the necklace you can easily crochet using seed beads and some yarn strands, take a look at the given below sample design!

You can change the yarn colors, style of stitching and also the crochet necklace pendant designs to given variations of your crochet necklaces! Make an angel wings necklace that comes with crocheted angel wings as a necklace pendant, create precious style statements of your personality by wearing a bib necklace that is also quick and super easy to crochet! Crochet the ring necklaces, bunting necklaces and also accent flower necklaces that will make a Thanksgiving gift too to a fashion enthusiast!

Crochet Necklace Patterns

Check out a lot of crochet necklace designs beautifully showcased in the collection! While taking a tour of the entire crochet necklace list, you can also go the respective links for your favorite crochet patterns, to see further project details and to grab free crochet necklace patterns and tutorials!

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Easy Free Crochet Neon Necklace Pattern:

Crochet Neon Necklace - Free Pattern

The colors can bring the charm and fun to your dress up and style statement, and here we got the prettiest way to bring the color glam to your personality.You can crochet this lovely and colorful neon necklace out of the cords and adorn it on any of the occasions be it a party, dinner or even the wedding.Here is the link where you can learn the stepwise details of the project and give it a try soon chabepatterns

Free Crochet Mesh Necklace Pattern:

Free Crochet Mesh Crochet Necklace Pattern

There are so many fun things to crochet out of the box than making those usual and common things like the sweaters, shrugs, hats, gloves and more.Here is this super cool and funky thing to crochet and bring a glam touch to your look.Yes, we are talking about this pretty crocheted mesh necklace in the triangle shape to wear and boast around the gatherings.Here is the link to grab the step by step details of the pattern common

Make A Beaded Crochet Necklace – Free Pattern:

Easy Free Crochet Beaded Necklace Pattern

This is one of the simplest necklace to crochet but immensely gorgeous and cute to adorn your lovely neck with. Using different types of beads like the pearls, crystals and the seed beads this pretty necklace has been yielded along with the crochet strands. so grab some yarn to form the necklace strand by crochet work then twist it up with beads and its done.You can catch every detail of the idea right here bigalittlea

Free Crochet Twist Necklace Pattern:

How To Crochet Twist Necklace - Free Pattern

Crocheting is so much fun for the crochet lovers, and when you can make your favorite things out of your hobby, the fun gets doubled. So now you can crochet the lovely necklaces and adorns for your neck with the simple and easy techniques of the crocheting like this one made out of the colorful yarn and a button.You can choose the colors of the yarn of your choice and get the custom and personalized results.Details are given here typepad

How To Make A Crocheted Necklace Pattern:

Free Crochet A Cool Necklace Pattern

You can create the lovely jewelry pieces bringing to using your crochet skills and thus enjoy adding a boho touch to your personality and style. So here is this super funky and cool necklace to craft easily at home and that too with the easiest of the supplies. So grab some cute beads and the yarn of your choice to crochet this pretty and chic necklace for your summer fun look.Here is the link to grab the step by step details of the pattern instructables

You Spin Me Round Necklace – Free Crochet Pattern:

You Spin Me Round Necklace - Free Crochet Pattern

Spruce up the style of your summer tops, tanks and t-shirts with the chic and cool fashion necklaces to adorn with them. In spite of those expensive and metal necklaces, you can pick to wear this crochet necklace which would so much easy to make and so light on your neck that you would hardly know wearing it.The pattern is just too simple and easy to crochet, and for that, you can grab the details here homelealass

Make An Angel Wings Necklace – Free Crochet Pattern:

Free Crochet An Angel Wings Necklace Pattern

What can be more gorgeous than the wings of the angel and there are so many cute crafts for the kids that have been inspired from these angelic wings but now its time for you to try this divine beauty on you in an entertaining style.Yes, you can crochet this vibrant colored angle wing necklace for your funky summer or spring look to compliment your t-shirts, tops, and tanks.Here is the link to grab the easy and fun details of this idea crochetspot

How To Make A Free Crochet Bib Necklace Pattern:

How To Free Crochet Bib Necklace Pattern

Rings, bracelets, ear rings and the necklace name anything out of the jewelry and the ladies get so excited about them. They always want something that is unique and quirky, and they can now crochet one to bring the boho touch to their common looks. Here is this lovely three-layered scalloped necklace with ruffles to easily and quickly crochet and look nothing less than a style inspiration for the people around.Grab the pattern details of the necklace from this link common

Free Crochet Ring Necklace Tutorial:

Easy Free Crochet Ring Necklace Pattern+Tutorial

When you got the crochet skills, there are just so many things to crochet and bring the fun of your stylish personality. As women just love to accessorize themselves so why not make some cool and high fashion necklaces and add the pretty cute touches to the t-shirt or top looks of theirs. Here is this simply gorgeous necklace made out of the jump rings, embroidery floss in white and peach and the crochet hooks to work upon this ideas. Details of the pattern given here suziofthestars

Crochet Bunting Necklace – Free Pattern:

Crochet Bunting Necklace - Free Pattern

The only thing one might not like about the crochet projects is the huge amount of time they take to get completed. But you can get your hands on some short termed and fun projects like this crochet bunting necklace and get yourself never bored of this skillful art called crocheting. With the pretty hues of the yarn involved this awesome neck piece has been easily installed, and for the details, you can click on the link here makeandtakes

Crochet Flower Necklace Hawaiian Dream – Free Pattern With Tutorial:

Free Crochet Flower Necklace Hawaiian Dream Pattern With Tutorial

You can turn any boring and dull dress up of yours into an instant attraction and fun with the use of this pretty elegant necklace having been so nicely and easily crocheted and worked upon. The flowers are probably the easiest of the things and patterns to crochet easily and using multi shades of the yarn you can crochet this lovely flowery necklace that would make a great gift idea too.Here is the link to find the instructional tutorial of this lovely necklace myhobbyiscrochet

DIY Crochet Hemp And Chain Necklace Tutorial:

Free Crochet Hemp And Chain Necklace Tutorial

Here is this necklace that would surely steal your heart with this utter beauty and pretty look. Its so simple to make out of the adorable supplies that can be easily found on a dollar store like a chain, a cute metal heart and some beads along with the white yarn to form up the crocheted strands and twist it to the chain with the heart stitched at the center of the necklace.Here is the link to grab the easy and fun details of this necklace cynthiashaffer

DIY Chain Crochet Necklace – Free Pattern With Tutorial:

How To Crochet Chain Necklace - Free Pattern With Tutorial

Its hard to maintain your style and fashion in the winters as you have to put on so many thick layers of the clothes to stay warm and cozy. Here is the this simplest, cheapest and the quickest DIY idea to bring some fun to the boring look of the winters with this adorable and cute necklace. You would need some spaghetti to be twisted in the rings of the chain and thus would be done like in 1o to 15 minutes. You can make it for yourself and also use them as the pretty gifts for your favorite girls around.Details of the pattern here made

Crochet Striped Cord Necklace – Free Pattern With Tutorial:

Crochet Striped String Necklace - Free Pattern

The way you dress up and the way you accessorise yourself with the jewelry pieces really decides the look and style statement of your fashionable personality and you can experiment it with so many things to get the best out of you. So here is this totally chunky, colorful and boho kind of necklace to wrap around your neck and get not only a model like look but also coziness around the neck.Here is the link to grab the easy and fun details of the this pattern and add it to your next to do list elcuadernodeideas

DIY Chain Crochet Statement Necklace Pattern:

DIY Free Chain  Crochet Statement Necklace Pattern

If the birthday of your girl is coming and you are unable to decide the the gift for her then just look at this pretty chunky chain multi-colored necklace for her that she can flaunt around her college or university over her pretty tops and tanks and thus look super gorgeous and stylish at the cost of few pennies. So here is the link to know about the supplies and the pattern details to easily and quickly work up this charming necklace and use it as the last minute gift idea  makery

Easy Crochet In A Chain – Free Pattern:

Easy Free Crochet In A Chain Pattern

The contrasting things can result into something super fun and beauty and the proof is this lovely flowery necklace having been made out of the two hugely contrasting materials.One is a sturdy metal chain in gold and the other is soft an subtle pink yarn and they have been smartly crocheted together to create this lovely statement piece for your dress up boost up fort he parties and is the link to grab the instructional tutorial of this pretty necklace schabepatterns

Crochet A Bow – Tie Necklace – Free Pattern:

Free Crochet A Bow - Tie Necklace Pattern

When you are crocheter and you got a creative mind there are just endless possibilities with anything you want to crochet and make yourself look out of the mainstream of fashion and satisfy your boho urges.Here is this totally funky and cool looking necklace to wear over your top and look absolutely tempting and chic in style.You can use any of the yarn color to crochet his bow necklace but red is just really heartwarming.Details of the easy pattern here ravelry

Crochet Chain Necklace – Free Pattern:

Free Crochet Chain Necklace Pattern

These pretty chain necklace are the bestest of the accessory to adorn  yourself and bring the grace and elegance to your dress up and that too in a nice subtle way. Yes you can pick up the matching color of your dress in the crochet yarn and twist it up through the chain and get this lovely neck piece to arouse the style statement of yours be it any of the season and dress.You can check out the easy details of the pattern right on this link and work up this necklace soon kollabora

DIY Crochet Necklace – Free Pattern With Tutorial:

Free Crochet Necklace Pattern With Tutorial

The complete crochet yarn necklaces are the pure elegance and to make them look a bit funky and cool for your jeans, t-shirt and tank look you can add the chains to the necklaces and get the perfect stylish result of your necklace accessory. Here are this boho style chain necklaces in exciting and vibrant house of green and forgone and no doubt how attractive they turned out at the cheapest of the rates.Here is the list of the needy supplies and the step by step instructions of this lovely neck piece thanksimadeitblog

Sylvan Crocheted Necklace – Free Pattern For Kids And Adult:

Sylvan Free Crocheted Necklace Pattern For Kids And Adult

Springs  are all about the colorful flowers around to bring the natural beauty and fill your heart with the warmth and love of nature and here is you can bring the inspiration of this flowery seasons to your dress up. Yes, you can crochet this pretty flowery necklace and spring up your boring dress up be it a t-shirt, a top or the dull tank. With three crochet yarn chains and the flowers at the side this awesome necklace pattern offers you a variety of way to customize is per your desires.Link is here for more details to learn mylittlecitygirl

Crochet Cherry Blossom Necklace – Free Pattern With Tutorial:

How To Crochet Cherry Blossom Necklace - Free Pattern With Tutorial

Cherry blossom is the beautiful tree to find around and enjoy the natural beauty at the peak and now you can use it as the inspiration for your crochet projects and here is the super cute thing to make out of this inspiration. You can easily crochet this pretty and chic styled cherry blossom necklace to wear and get the huge praise and remarks for your utter creativity and impressive looks at the same time.Here is the link to pick up the tutorial details and free pattern of this charming necklace mylittlecitygir

Crochet Chain Necklace Free Pattern With Tutorial:

Crochet Chain Necklace Free Pattern With Tutorial

When it comes to the pretty necklaces the chain designs are the coolest and the pretty ones to touch every girl’s heart! Now instead of those heavy metal chains you can crochet this lovely yarn chain necklaces in exciting hues of the yarn and add the glam to your simple dress up and look nothing less than a style diva. Here is the free pattern of this exquisite chain necklace made in two contrasting shades one is the soft off-white and the other is vibrant green and the results are just awesome.Here is the link to catch more details of the pattern chabepatterns

Free Pattern’s Outline for a Crochet Necklace:

Free Pattern's Outline For A Crochet Necklace

Simplicity is the real beauty and this seems to so true when we have a look at this pretty crochet flower necklace in the lovely white yarn. Just grab a white yarn skein, make three chain strands and an acute dazzling flower. Then put them together to form up this elegant piece of necklace and beautify your simple dress up with just no efforts and money. You can check out the easy and fun details of this simple pattern right from this link creativeyarn

Free Crochet The Leafy Lariat Pattern:

Free Crochet The Leafy Lariat Pattern

The flowers are the epitome of beauty that is why you can use them in any of the patterns and styles and add the perfect beauty touch to your pretty crochet projects.Here is this adorable and enchanting leafy lariat that you can easily crochet with a simple crocheted strand having the round flowers at the edges. You can make a bunch of them in multiple colors and wrap them around the neck for a cute chic look.Details are given here fiberfluxblog

How To Free Crochet Flowering Necklace Pattern:

How To Flowering Necklace - Free Pattern

The flowers are cute, gorgeous and perfect for any for any of the event to elevate the beauty level! So does the flowers around your neck would do your dress up making it look all gorgeous and boost up the style statement of yours. Here is this lovely necklace made out of an exquisite flowery pattern and would match and compliment all types of your dress be it formal or informal.Here is the link to explore the details redheart

Free Crochet Vibrant Bohemian Necklace Pattern:

Free Crochet Vibrant Bohemian Necklace Pattern

The fusion of the brass chain and the lovely colors of the crocheted embroidery floss has been gorgeously pulled off in this pretty necklace with which you can easily add a funky spice to your boring and dull dress up like the old t-shirts, tanks and the tops.It would also make a perfectly cute gift for any of the teenager girl in the family too.Here are the details of the free pattern and more wordpress

Crochet Boho Tassel Necklace – Free Pattern:

Crochet Boho Tassel Necklace Pattern

You have seen so many crocheted necklace and here is another one with the more added beauty and style and you cannot resist yourself to make it.Here are these pretty tassels added to the base of the necklace to enhance is fashion and style more and turn it into a lovely statement piece for your pretty dresses at weddings or parties.You can grab the details here youtube

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